It's been no secret that the cameras on Samsung smartphones are really good (if not the best in the industry), but the only areas where they've been lacking has been when it comes to taking images and video in low light situations, along with this the zoom on these smartphones hasn't been as good as other smartphones which use a secondary telephoto lens. This time around Samsung have addressed both of these issues; firstly by fitting the primary camera with a variable aperture which changes depending on the lighting conditions to allow more or less light to enter the the camera; this can also be manually adjusted by using 'pro mode'. Secondly the larger S9+ model comes with a secondary telephoto lens which means you shouldn't lose too much detail when it comes to zooming in on distance subjects. Though for the camera testing we are using the S9 and not its larger dual lens counterpart, you should get a good idea as to how the camera performs in most lighting situations.