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It’s been a long time coming but the iconic MacBook Air has finally been refreshed and only shares a few things with the model that proceeds it, let’s see what’s changed.


Is this the best budget smartphone with the best camera on any smartphone, question is what did Google give up in the process of making a budget smartphone for the masses?

Technology - the one thing which connects us all and shapes our world, no matter who you are; old or young technology has touched us all. From the smartphones in our pockets to the TV's we gather around or the devices we use to monitor our health and keep our homes secure,  the vastness of networks which span around the world allowing us to feel in the same room as someone thousands of miles away are.


yep, that's me

From a young age I have always loved technology from the VCR players through to DVDs, or the huge indestructible phones to the new sleek looking multifunctional devices we now carry around everywhere. Technology has impacted us all and I feel the need to showcase these devices and gadgets to ensure people know of their existence and can therefore make informed decisions on what they need to fulfil their needs. My promise to you is simple, to stay impartial and show both the pros and cons of all things along with my general experience with the device, allowing you to feel comfortable that the device you choose is the correct one for you.

From unboxing products, testing and comparing them to others on the market and finally reviewing them; you can be assured that you'll find it here on SuperDuprTech.




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