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The new 2018 iPad though it doesn't change much from the existing iPad from the year prior, it does bring with it an updated processor and a feature that for the past three years had only been available on the iPad Pro lineup; being support for the apple pencil. Starting off with 32GB available in three different colours; Silver, Space Grey & Gold (new), it hits the sweet spot for many customers. 

So admittedly not much has changed, but what i think is its biggest feature is actually its starting price, coming in shy of £319 it makes itself a more compelling reason to either switch or upgrade from a previous model. Those people looking to purchase a £200 tablet or Chromebook but own an iPhone may find that buy spending that additional money on the new iPad they will get a lot more out the iPad both now and years down the line. 

If you would like to see the unboxing of this new iPad, then click on the video below.



Now though benchmarks don't always show the true capabilities of a device, they're very good at showing the differences between these devices when it comes to a set range of activities; these can include running various algorithms to the amount of frames which can be rendered within a specific amount of time. One of the main reasons as to why i like using benchmarks is that you can use them to work out how much of a difference there is between the device you use on a daily basis verses the newest device just released by your favourite company. So here i will show you only a few results between the newest iPad and the previous incarnations. 

One of the most common benchmarking applications today seems to be Geekbench, a cross-platform benchmarking collection which runs a number of different tests on the processor and the graphics unit giving us more of a look at the machines ability to handle a variety of tasks; from playing popular games to exporting video in different codecs. There is a reason its one of the most popular and why its the first one which we will be talking of. 

So if you've seen my previous video where i compared the benchmark scores of the 9.7" iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 & the 2017 iPad then you will have already seen those scores in which the iPad (2017) was slap bang between the iPad Pro and the Air 2. But how will things compare this time around, will it be faster then the iPad Pro from a little over two years ago?


So above you can see the new iPad obtains scores, almost double that compared to the iPad Air 2 whilst also being around 25% higher when compared to the previous years model, shockingly enough the new iPad is actually in most cases faster then iPad Pro 9.7" though the difference isn't as much. I find its actually quite shocking that the technology from barely 2 years ago can now be found in something for almost half the price. Great stuff here from apple. 



Now though it looks very weird when people use their tablets to take images, especially when it comes to live televised events. Tablets in general have been getting better cameras over the past few years, making them more capable then ever before and at the forefront of this has been the iPad the iPad Pro to be specific; but the same cameras that were used in the first generation iPad Pro are now present once again in this years iPad. Allowing its users to take 8 megapixel stills and full HD video. Below are the specifications for the camera in the iPad along with some test images and video footage, unaltered and direct from the iPad.


Camera Specs

8-megapixel camera

43 megapixel panoramic images

ƒ/2.4 aperture

Five-element lens

HD video recording



As i stated earlier the camera on the iPad isn't exactly bad which is why people actually use it to take images, video and selfies despite its size, The images that you are currently viewing have been taken directly on the iPad and have been unaltered in any way. 

Firstly the images are very well exposed, even in direct sunlight you can still see far off detail in the sky/clouds also on the foreground you can see a brilliant amount of detail in the shade. The colour levels are also very good, with a great amount of sharpness. When zooming in on distant objects there is a noticeable amount of noise that is introduced into the image which is to be expected. 

Video footage is perhaps the underwhelming aspect of the camera, when the iPad Pro records at 4K and has been for the past two years, you can't help but think that even if the iPad recorded 4K @ 30fps it would've been a better fit as the full HD video just doesn't look that good. even more so as the iPhone 8/8Plus & X all shoot 4K @ 60fps. 

The 'Selfie' camera on the front is one more aspect which could do with a bump, as its comparable to the one found on the iPhone 6. Which was released in 2014.

Another thing that i will mention because i hope that this gets some attention in the near future is that the iOS camera application gets some much needed work; i still find it ridiculous that you have to leave the app to change things like the resolution when recording, i would also like to see a way in which we could have a 'pro mode' which most android smartphones have had for years. 

Finally for a camera on an iPad at once again the price range of £319, you really can't complain, as the option for a better iPad does exist; in the iPad Pro. So if you would like the ability to record video at 4K and a better camera both on the front and the back, on a multi use device then the you can always pay more for the iPad Pro. Also if you're that serious about taking photos a videos then you would probably be using a DSLR or mirrorless camera. 









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